Saving People, Hunting Things: The Family Business

If you walk in the middle of the sidewalk….

Just please stop and pick a side - right or left.

People and bikers have to get around you.

I’m not mad or anything. I’m just saying.

Because today…

I crashed my bike because of a middle-side-walker. Lol.
It was funny, though, and she helped me up, which I was grateful for. She also apologized. I’m not upset with her or anyone, but I just think it should be like in high school, where you had to walk on the right side of the hall, always.

I was going down a hill, so I was going pretty fast, and then I didn’t want to hit her, so I thought, “I’ll just go onto the grass, go around her, and get back on the sidewalk.” Too bad the grass had a muthafuckin’ hill. -.-

So as I started to try to go on the grass, I didn’t hit the hill straight on so that I could go up it and then back down. I hit it sideways, so my bike tipped, and both my bike and I went skidding along the grass.

I landed on my knee, and then grass went in my ear, and my coffee mug - full of coffee, which luckily didn’t spill out - went flying from the drink holder on my backpack.

She gasped and looked at me. ”Oh, my gosh! Are you ok?!” 

I just smiled and picked myself up. “Yeah, heh, I saw that coming at the last second. Shouldn’t’a done that, huh?”

"Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry! Was I in your way?" She helped me up by pulling the bike off of me.

"I just didn’t want to hit you." I got up and started gathering my things and brushing myself off.

"Oh, you totally could’a hit me! I’m so sorry!"

"No, it’s ok. Really, it wasn’t your fault or anything. I just kinda went on the wrong side of the grass."

"Hey, is that your cup?" some passerby asked; meanwhile, other bystanders just laughed at me. Those bitches.
I looked over to see my coffee mug, sitting upside down in the grass a little ways away.

"Oh…Yeah, that’s mine." I went and got it. "Hey, at least it didn’t spill." I smiled and laughed to try to get rid of the tension.

The middle-side-walker held my bike for me while I went to get my mug. She kept apologizing, and I kept saying it was ok, and then we parted ways.

I got back on my bike, and that’s when I noticed that the handlebars were messed up, and the chain had fallen off.
"Shit…" I muttered and got back off. The wheel was straight, but the handlebars were going diagonal to the wheel. "Damnit. Of course." That’s just my life.


Luckily, Alexa was able to fix my handlebars for me.

I had to pull the chain off and put it back on again.

It seems like my baby’s going to make it, though, and for that, I’m really grateful.
I need it to make it to classes on time.

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